Take the time to see all the colourful, vibrant attractions of Zanzibar. The historical architecture, witness tradition and culture, Zanzibar the spice island, escape to prison island, fishing trip, sea weed trip, and the off the bitten track in a village life tour. All that you have ever dreamt of is right here.

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Zanzibar Swahili cuisine is today a rich reflection of varied cultures and races involved in its creation.

From Arab come the many varieties of curry, from India popular rice dishes and stir fringed vegetables and noodles with steamed fish and from Africa coconut milk, mixed with a huge selection of fresh seafood and a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables grown in the lush tropical forest, make eating out of Zanzibar a culinary delight.

You will learn how to prepare some of Zanzibari sea food dishes served with rice, learn how to prepare biryani rice, snacks and sweat directly from our dedicated initiative group in Stone Town.

The only national park in Zanzibar, Jozani Forest nature reserve forming an important ecosystem. The forest has been a sanctuary for some of the rarest and most fantastic flora and fauna on planet.

The forest features red colobus monkey, the endemic sub specie that can only be found in Zanzibar, as well as some of the most enormous birds and plant species in the forest. A tour guide will show you too small colonies of these unusual primates.

Here you will discover other exiting animal such as blue Sykes monkeys, elephant shrews and bush babies. The tours also include a walk through the mangrove forest and explore some of the conservation activities at the forest.

A half-hour boat trip from Stone Town, Prison Island provides a fascinating glimpse into the island’s slightly dark past. The islet was formerly used as a private detention for disobedient slaves. Later a jail was built, but never actually used.

Today the island gives you the chance to escape for some peace and quiet on the island and incredible view of the Stone Town City. The islet is home of giant tortoises and colourful peacocks, and with its white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water make a perfect place for sun bathing, swimming and snorkelling opportunities.

From the pristine sand and crystal clear blue water, Safari Blue brings you close to the most beautiful breath – taking scenery of the Indian Ocean Bay with a lot to discover.

You will leave from Fumba village with a traditional wooden sailing dhow. The first stop at Kwale coral reef for snorkelling, you will be overwhelmed with abundance of coral reef with colourful fish.

Relax and bask in the sun on the paradise-like sandbank surrounded by soft white sand and crystal clear blue waters. At the area pods of dolphins can be seen.

The dhow will then bring you to an island where a beach barbeque seafood buffet will be served. Get to try Zanzibar grilled lobsters, cabs, squids, octopus and chickens. Your meal is followed by a tasting an exotic fruits, chilled soft drinks and cold beer are also included.

Other activities on the island include a short walk to explore an ancient baobab tree, which fallen down a hundred years ago but still standing tall.

Represents Zanzibar at its pristine best, a rare experience leaving you in no doubt why Zanzibar is referred to as the spice island. Since its introduction in 19th century, Zanzibar is one of the few places in the world where a spice is produced.

You will be surprised by the abundance of exotic spices, fruits and vegetables growing in these tropical gardens. Discover different spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger or black paper. Taste a variety of tropical fruits fresh from the tree.

It is also interesting to lean how the spices grow and are harvested and their uses not only in traditional dishes and cure certain maladies but also how other such as henna, perfume and lipstick tree find their value for preparing cosmetics. The trip will end up at Kidichi Persian Baths.


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Stone Town is the heart and soul of the island. It represent Zanzibar’s past life on in its extraordinary architecture its people and Swahili civilization. Declared a UNESCO heritage site in the year 2000, it is easy to say why? The Medina overflows the culture.

The fascinating maze of winding lanes leads past numerous house and mosques, wonderful cafés, restaurant, shop and bazaar; you can temporarily lose yourself in the town magic.

Soak up the local culture by sipping a cup of coffee from local vendor, or just wandering through the streets, discover unique Zanzibar door, the bustling Darajani local market, The Old Slave Market Sites, Tip Tip House, Freddy Mercury House, the house of wonder, old fort and palace museums. The tour involves shopping and photographing.


  • The prevailing religion in Zanzibar is Islam, therefore dress conservatively without exposing too much skin.
  • Ask for permission before you take picture of the people as it’s not polite to take pictures without their permission and a lot do not like it.

This unique experience brings you close to wonderful scenery as well a real insight into traditional Swahili life style in Zanzibar.

It begins with a visit of the small local village house where native welcome awaits you and you will hear tales of Swahili past and present. Then you will continue with discovery of spice farm, learn how farmer cultivate spices and you will get to smell and test them.

At the village of Mangapwani you will find a real insight of local woman use dried palm leaves for weaving mats and thatching roofs, indulge yourself how women paint henna and collect water from the well.

Lunch will be served at the small village where guest enjoy the traditional meal with flavourful healthy ingredients.

At Mkokotoni fish market you can see the variety of fish caught in the Zanzibar seas. Then, we visit a local blacksmith showing how to manually make nails.

Up Nungwi, discover how traditional wooden dhow are built, last stop is the ‘‘Mnarani natural aquarium’’a lagoon which sever as a sanctuary for the endangered Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles.